Posted by: swd1974 | March 8, 2010

ACW Ship and Boat Registry

As I started to get into the ACW Naval period I noticed that one common theme was that GM’s would need stats for a vessel and would many time find several contradicting pieces of information. What I was hoping to do was to collect all of that information and get down to the bare facts.

After some time I realized this was quite a large project and could use some assistance. If you have a ‘favorite vessel’ please review what information we have, if any at this point. Please provide as much missing information as you would like.

American Civil War Naval Registry (Can also access this from the ACW Naval button above.

If we are missing a vessel please leave a comment in the navy area with information contained in this profile template.

If we are missing or have incorrect information listed please place a comment for that vessel with the information and the source.

Many of the Confederate listings do not contain the template as they were added before I thought to use a template but as time goes on I will edit the format for those. I would like to thank those in advance that wish to assist in this rather large project.


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