Posted by: swd1974 | March 10, 2010

Cold Wars Party!

Case of PBR Pounders….$20
2 packs of backwoods victory cigars….$10
Bags of snacks…..$15
Bottle of Kettle One Vodka and cranberry juice……$50
3 days of ACW and WW2 action………….priceless

Ladies and gentleman….it is time for Cold Wars!

Last year’s Fall-In was my very first convention and I am extremely excited for Cold Wars. How fortunate am I to live with 2 hours of every major miniatures convention! Also, looking forward to hanging out with my peeps. A few of our group members are hosting games and I look forward to playing them again.

I also have my wish list of Thoroughbred models that I will be purchasing. I must also prepare for my wife who will be yelling at me when I get home for spending too much money.

Some games I will be at that our group is running:
7pm Thursday T-178 Enter the Luftwaffe
5pm Friday F-379 Bentonville

Stop by and say “Hi”!



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