Posted by: swd1974 | March 15, 2010

Back from Cold Wars


What a great weekend. Although it was not as well attended as I had hoped, there were many empty tables all throughout the day, the games and the people that were there were fantastic.

Quickly to Captain Taco’s awards!
Best Terrain: Phil Viverito in Alesia – Freedom or Death! 52 B.C.
Best Gameplay: Nate Gershner – “Well General, I have found something more than Dibrell’s cavalry…” Bentonville, 19 March 1865
Most entertaining opponent: Randy Miller (great to meet you!)
Best beer: PBR Pounders. Kept me happy.
Best meal: Cici’s pizza buffet.
Worst sleepwear: Nate Gershner

Congratulations to the winners!

Kicking off Cold Wars was a battle between the Russians and Romanians. Playing the Russians in a defensive battle we won an overwhelming victory and changed history!

Afterwards, I was a part of an airborne attack on a British aircraft carrier at Malta. Due to a confusion of the rules our air squadrons were shot out of the sky like lame ducks by the ships AA. Not one plane made it to deliver the bombs.

At the end of the first night we played some more Chekc your six with Phil and had a great time.

The next morning started off with a great battle at Cedar Creek. Unfortunately, I had the first unoit which was overrun while sleeping and my other unit did not come on until the very end. So it was a 5 hour viewing for me. After that things went great. Playing ALesia and the Battle of Bentonville was probably the highlight of the con for me. After those two great games we did an impromptu Ironclads game with Chris Rothermel. Had some fun players like Scott English, Ray “I shall charge and sink” Bishop attending.

On Saturday, I had time for one quick game before heading home to the wife and kids and played a slightly different Ironclads game with Chris that was really fun.

All in all had a great time and cannot wait for Historicon!


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