Posted by: swd1974 | March 16, 2010

Building of the James River Squadron

So, while at Cold Wars I made my first purchases in this hobby (not counting the money spent to build the table “Big Blue”.

I identified Trent’s Reach as the first battle I will build for and GM. With that in mind I made the following purchases.
CSS Virginia 2
CSS Richmond
CSS Fredericksburg
CSS Hampton
USS Onondaga
USS Massasoit
USS Hunchback

In addition to two batteries. They will be Battery Dantzler and Battery Parsons. Pilings and Obstructions and some items that were thrown in such as an Armed tug and several 1 gun positions.

Next comes the painting. If you have any knowledge about specifics as far as painting these ships please let me know!

Next purchases will be coastline, snow, docks, houses, very very small trees.

This weekend will be time to lacquer “Big Blue”. If anyone has done this please let me know the quickest way to do this. I am reading a spray lacquer is the way to go.



  1. An excellent start – hope to see some pics soon!

    Regarding the table, I have no clue…

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