CSS Colonel Lamb

CSS Colonel Lamb


Builder: Jones, Quiggin Company
Laid down: 1864

General Characteristics
Area of Operation:
Displacement: 1788 tons
Length: 281 feet
Beam: 36 feet
Draft: 10 feet
Propulsion: Side-wheel steamer

Colonel Lamb, one of the most famous and successful of the Confederate Navy’s own blockade runners was built in 1864 by Jones, Quiggin & Company, a near sister to Hope which preceded her that year, but with a much longer deckhouse, and lacking the customary turtleback foredeck which Hope had. She is identified with the dashing Captain Tom Lockwood and was christened by his wife. The shipbuilder, Wiliiam Quiggin, registered Colonel Lamb in his name then quietly transferred her to Confederate agent J. B. Lafitte in Nassau, where she fitted out. She survived the war intact and was sold through Fraser, Trenholm & Co. to the Brazilian Government; after loading at Liverpool a cargo of explosives for Brazil, she blew up at anchor in the Mersey the night before sailing.

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