CSS Condor

CSS Condor

Laid down:

General Characteristics
Area of Operation:
Length: 270 feet
Beam: 24 feet
Draft: 7 feet
Complement: 50 Officers and sailors

Chased on her maiden voyage by blockaders, she arrived safely 1 October 1864 under the guns of Fort Fisher, on Swash Channel Bar at the entrance to Wilmington NC, only to run aground, possibly while avoiding wreck of blockade runner Night Hawk nearby. More famous than the ship herself was one of her passengers, Rose O’Neal Greenhow, who died in the surf. Tradition maintains that she was weighed down with vital dispatches for President Davis and $2,000 in gold.

More on Greenhow and the Gold from another source:
While crossing the ocean, the CSS Condor was stopped by a Union ship. To avoid capture by the Union, Greenhow went on a Lifeboat. In the stormy weather their boat capsized, and because Greenhow was holding two thousand dollars in gold, her body sunk to the bottom of the Ocean. Two days later her body washed ashore, and a Confederate soldier found the body and stole all the gold. When he found out that he had stolen the gold from Rose O’Neal Greenhow, he gave it all back. She was buried with honors in Washington D.C. Each year her grave is decorated on Confederate Memorial Day.

2.List of Commanders/Crew

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4.Painting Information

5.Books/Articles and other resources

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