CSS Flamingo

CSS Flamingo


Laid down:
Launched: 1864

General Characteristics
Area of Operation:
Displacement: 500 tons
Length: 214 or 270 feet
Beam: 24 feet
Draft: 7 feet
Propulsion: diagonal oscillating engines, paddlewheels
Speed: 16 or 18 knots
Complement: 45 Officers and sailors

Sailing from Glasgow under Captain T. Atkinson in July, she put in at Queenstown in nearby Northern Ireland and at Ponta Delgada in the Azores before beginning her runs into Wilmington NC with high priority cargoes. Flamingo suffered a serious setback for several weeks or longer in the autumn: she was at Bermuda in September, along with her sister, Ptarmigan, while their crews battled yellow fever. While two of her last runs in 1865 were into the Gulf, Flamingo must have attempted one more into Charleston, for a contemporary Coast Survey chart shows the wreck of a Flamingo off Battery Rutledge on the north side of Charleston harbor.

2.List of Commanders/Crew

3.Photo (just provide a link to the photo and we will get it)

4.Painting Information

5.Books/Articles and other resources

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