CSS William C. Hewes

CSS William C. Hewes


Laid down:
Commissioned: 15 January 1862

General Characteristics
Area of Operation:
Length: 258 feet
Beam: 34 feet

Occasionally known under a variety of names, she was built at Wilmington DE in 1860 for the Texas Line of Charles Morgan’s Southern S.S. Co. Governor Moore of Louisiana seized her 28 April 1861 at New Orleans. She was “impressed for public service” 15 January 1862, with a view toward turning her into a cottonclad gunboat; however, she entered service as a blockade runner.

A Captain Smith was commanding her in 1862. Few ships carrying cotton could match the 1,441-bale payload she transported to Havana in April 1862. Sometime in 1863, William C. Hewes was renamed Ella & Annie. On 9 November 1863 she was cornered by USS Niphon She tried to ram the blockader and did succeed in slicing off her bowsprit and most of her stem along with a kedge anchor and other incidentals, but in so doing exposed herself to a boarding party which foiled an attempt to blow up the ship.

Thus Ella and Annie was taken with a valuable cargo of Austrian rifles, salt, beef, paper and saltpeter, plus dispatches invaluable to the Federal blockaders. She was commissioned as USS Malvern and became Rear Admiral Porter’s flagship.

List of Commanders/Crew
Captain Smith

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