Confederate Cruisers

A great deal of uncalled-for abuse has been heaped upon the South for the work of the Confederate cruisers, and their mode of warfare has been repeatedly denounced as barbarous and piratical in official and unofficial publications. But neither the privateers, like the Petrel and the Savannah, nor the commissioned cruisers, like the Alabama and the Florida, were guilty of any practices which, as against their enemies, were contrary to the rules of war.

CSS Alabama
CSS Chickamauga
CSS Florida
CSS Georgia
CSS Shenandoah
CSS Stonewall
CSS Sumter
CSS Tallahassee
CSS Tuscaloosa

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  1. You have omitted CSS CHICKAMAUGA, which took a goodly number of prizes (19, IIRC) and which had put into Wilmington, NC just before the Federal attack. Sailors from the cruiser went down to Fort Fisher and helped man a battery of heavy guns. After the fort fell, CHICKAMAUGA was burned to prevent her capture.

  2. Added James. Thanks!

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