CSS Chickamauga

CSS Chickamauga

Laid down:
Commissioned: 1864
Decommissioned: February 25, 1865
Fate: Burned to prevent capture

General Characteristics
Area of Operation: Wilmington, NC
Displacement: 585 tons
Propulsion: Steam engine
Complement: 120 officers and men
Armament: 3 rifled cannons

CSS Chickamauga, originally the blockade runner Edith, was purchased by the Confederate States Navy at Wilmington, North Carolina in September 1864. In September, when she was nearly ready for sea, the Confederate Army sought unsuccessfully to retain her at that place for use as a troop and supply transport. On October 28, 1864, she put to sea under Lieutenant John Wilkinson, CSN, for a cruise north to the entrance of Long Island Sound, thence to St. George, Bermuda, for repairs and coal. She took several prizes (19) before returning to Wilmington on November 19.

During the bombardment of Fort Fisher, December 24-25, 1864, a portion of Chickamauga’s crew served the guns at the fort. Although not immediately engaged in defense of Fort Fisher, the ship rendered further aid in transporting ammunition. She lent support to the fort when it was bombarded again on January 15, 1865.

After the evacuation of Wilmington, Chickamauga went up the Cape Fear River where she was burned to prevent capture on February 25, 1865.

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