Confederate Gunboats

A list of Confederate Gunboats.

CSS Bayou City
CSS Calhoun
CSS Chattahoochee
CSS Clifton
CSS De Soto
CSS Florida
CSS Gaines
LSNS General Quitman
LSNS Governor Moore
CSS Hampton
CSS George Page
CSS Morgan
CSS Nansemond
CSS Oregon
CSS Pamlico
CSS Patrick Henry
CSS Peedee
CSS Selma
CSS CSS St. Philip

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  1. Need gunboats from Excalibre Ironclads Expansion set from Card #128, CSS Fulton, Pamlico, & Oregon. From Card #123, CSS Hampton, Norfolk, Nansemond, & Portsmouth. From Card #124, CSS Governor Moore & General Quitman. From Card #129, CSS Ivy & Tuscarora (same class as Calhoun.). From original Yaquinto Ironclads need gunboats from Card #73, CSS Patrick Henry. From Card #74, CSS Morgan.

  2. Oops looks like you already have CSS Nansemond. Others I listed still apply.

  3. Add from Excalibre expansion card #126, CSS St. Philip & Corondelet. Card #122, CSS Stono. Card #120, CSS Peedee.

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