CSS George Page

CSS George Page

Area of Operation: Potomac River
Launched: 1853
Commissioned: May 1861
Decommissioned: March 9, 1862
Fate: Burned to prevent capture

General Characteristics
Displacement: 410 tons
Propulsion: Steam engine
Armament: 2 guns

CSS George Page, a 410-ton sidewheel steamship, was originally built as a transport at Washington, D.C. in 1853.

She was attached to the Quartermaster’s Department of the United States Army, until captured by the Confederates at nearby Aquia Creek, Virginia in May 1861, when she became a part of the Virginia State Navy. Acquired by the Confederate States Navy, George Page, commanded by Lieutenant Charles Carroll Simms, CSN, was fitted out for river defense service, and sometime later renamed City of Richmond. Her upper works may have been removed at this time.

She operated in the Potomac River in the vicinity of Quantico Creek. On July 7, 1861, she was damaged by gunfire from USS Pocahontas. George Page was destroyed by her crew upon abandonment of the Evansport batteries on March 9, 1862.

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