Confederate Ironclads

Confederate Ironclads

The Confederacy, by the end of the war, had begun building on fifty-nine ironclads, but had only finished twenty-four of the massive ships. Confederate Ironclads were very different from Union ironclads. For starters, they did not use the Monitor design. Many of the Confederacy’s ironclads were fitted as rams, including the famous Southern ironclad, the Virginia, and these were fairly effective, especially on the western rivers with little room to maneuver. The Southern ironclads generally had sloping casemates, because a shot hitting the ship at n angle would spread its force over a larger area and then bounce off in an upward direction.

The design of some designers were even intended to be built by men with absolutely no shipbuilding experience. Often, the ship was built with wood originally, and was later plated with iron when the iron became available. Often, this iron was from railroads. Though this was not limited to the south, it happened very frequently. The Confederacy also often converted existing wooden frigates into ironclads, because they often had mostly intact hulls and already-installed machinery.

List of Confederate Ironclads
CSS Albemarle
CSS Arkansas
CSS Atlanta
CSS Baltic
CSS Charleston
CSS Chicora
CSS Columbia
CSS Eastport
CSS Fredericksburg
CSS Georgia
CSS Huntsville
CSS Louisiana
CSS Manassas
CSS Milledgeville
CSS Mississippi I
CSS Missouri
CSS Mobile
CSS Muscogee
CSS Nashville
CSS Neuse
CSS New Orleans
CSS North Carolina
CSS Palmetto State
CSS Raleigh
CSS Richmond
CSS Savannah
CSS Tennessee I
CSS Tennessee II
CSS Texas
CSS Virginia
CSS Virginia II
CSS Wilmington

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