CSS Muscogee

CSS Muscogee

Launched: December 22, 1864

General Characteristics
Type: Ironclad Ram
Length: 223.5 ft (68.1 m)
Beam: 56.5 ft (17.2 m)
Draft: 8 ft (2.4 m)
Four 7-inch Brooke Rifles
two 6.4-inch Brooke Rifles
two 12 pounder boat howitzers

CSS Muscogee also known as CSS Jackson was a Confederate States Navy ironclad ram, powered by a steam driven screw and deployed on the Chattahoochee River during the American Civil War.

She was built at Columbus, Georgia, and launched in December 1864. In April 1865, the still incomplete CSS Muscogee (or CSS Jackson, as she was also called) was burned and scuttled in order to avoid capture by Wilson’s Raiders after the Battle of Columbus, Georgia on April 16. Her remains were recovered during the 1960s from the portion of the river inside the boundaries of Fort Benning and placed on exhibit at the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus.

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