CSS Raleigh

CSS Raleigh

Confederate Ironclad

Builder: Shipyard of J. L. Cassidy & Sons
Laid down: 1863
Launched: 1864
Commissioned: April 30, 1864
Fate: Ran aground May 7, 1864; salvaged

General Characteristics
Type: Ironclad
Area of Operation: North Carolina
Length: 150 feet (46 m)
Beam: 32 feet (9.8 m)
Draft: 12 feet (3.7 m)
Propulsion: Steam engine
Complement: 188 officers and men
Armament: 4 6″ Brooke rifled cannons

CSS Raleigh, a steam sloop, was constructed by the Confederate States Navy at Wilmington, North Carolina in 1863-64, with Lieutenant John Wilkinson, CSN, commanding. She was reported in commission on April 30, 1864 under the command of Lieutenant J. Pembroke Jones, CSN.

Built to Constructor John L. Porter’s plans, similar to those of CSS North Carolina, she had been laid down and launched at the foot of Church Street, completed at the shipyard of J. L. Cassidy & Sons.

On May 6, she emerged from Cape Fear River accompanied by CSS Yadkin and CSS Equator and inconclusively engaged six Federal blockaders, including the USS Britannia and the USS Nansemond, off New Inlet, North Carolina. When the six reappeared the following day, Raleigh hastily withdrew up river, struck Wilmington Bar and “broke her back.” Her iron plating was salvaged.

In 1994 the wreck was investigated by the North Carolina State Underwater Archaeology Unit with help from students of East Carolina University.

List of Commanders/Crew
Lieutenant J. Pembroke Jones, CSN

Painting Information

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