Confederate Tugs

Dedicated to the brave tugs and tenders of the Confederacy!

CSS Beaufort
CSS Bombshell
CSS Cottonplant
CSS Neptune
CSS Satellite
CSS Teaser

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  1. Looking at Yaquinto’s Ironclads card #89 I see you need, Tugs/Tenders: Bombshell, Cottonplant, Beufort and Raleigh.

  2. Also need Excalibre expansion of Yaquinto Ironclads card #127, CSS Mosher.

  3. Tracy I added Bombshell, Cottonplant, and Beufort but Raleigh is under the ironclads. Is there a second Raleigh?

  4. There is a “Raleigh” listed as a tug on the original Yaquinto Ironclad’s game card #89.

    Obviously, it isn’t the same ship as the Ironclad of the same name (Excalibre expansion set card #115).

    Given the short lifespans of Confederate naval ships it is possible the two did not span the same time frame.

    (Or did it matter that a tug had the same name? Was the tug even commissioned or just an armed civilian?)

  5. Thanks Tracy! I added most of them so far. If you have any specific info that I havent aded please let me know.

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