CSS Satellite

CSS Satellite

Laid down:
Fate: Sunk in battle with USS Kearsarge

General Characteristics
Area of Operation:

USS Satellite, a 217 ton tug, was built in 1854 at New York City, for commercial use. She was purchased by the Navy in July 1861 for Civil War service and placed in commission in mid-September. Assigned to the Potomac Flotilla, the tug was in action against the Confederates before the end of the month and continued exchanging fire with enemy forces on the Virginia shore for the rest of 1861 and into 1862. In April of that year Satellite briefly operated on the Rappahannock River in support of the Union Army’s campaign on the Virginia Peninsula. During that time she helped capture three enemy sailing vessels.

Transferred to the James River area in June 1862, Satellite took part in an attack up the Appomattox River later in the month. Following that she was actively involved in protecting the Army as it continued its struggle on the Peninsula. She went back to the Potomac Flotilla in August. In addition to enforcing the blockade and interdicting communications between Virginia and Maryland, Satellite also served on the Rappahannock as the Union Army of the Potomac fought losing battles at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. From May to August 1863 she took part in the capture of several enemy schooners and other small vessels. On 22-23 August, while on the Rappahannock, USS Satellite was captured by a boat expedition led by Confederate Navy officer John Taylor Wood. Following several days’ operations against Union shipping in the area, she was destroyed in late August to prevent capture.

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