Profile Template

Below is the outline for what should be presented for each vessel. If you see a vessel missing some items please feel free to provide the information and a source.

If you are providing information on a ship that is not listed please provide as much information as you can.

Laid down:

General Characteristics
Area of Operation:

Text about the service of the ship and its career

List of Commanders/Crew

Painting Information

Books/Articles and other resources



  1. One vessel you left off your list of sloops is the U.S.S. Niagara, one of my favorite ships, mostly because it looks so cool.

    Authorized: 1854
    Designer: George Steers
    Builder: Brooklyn Naval Shipyard
    Laid Down: October 1854
    Launched: 02-23-56
    Commissioned: 04-06-57
    Decommissioned: 09-23-65
    Fate: Sold 05-06-65

    Type: Sloop
    Area of Operation: East Gulf Blockading Squadron 1861-62; Refitting 1862-63; European Squadron 1864-65
    Displacement: 5,540 tons D, 4,580 tons B
    Length: 345′ (oa)
    Beam: 55’3″
    Draft: 24’8″
    Propulsion: Sail and 3 direct acting engines.
    Speed: Maximum sustained-13.5-14.5 kts.
    Complement: 637
    Armament: Built with twelve 11-inch Dahlgren SB on spar deck. During refit twenty 11-inch Dahlgrens were added to a gun deck with 12 150pdr Parrott rifles were added to spar deck. the former were removed due to excessive rolling and dangerous conditions.
    Armor: None silly it’s a wooden sailing vessel

    Text: Niagara was an experimental vessel, at the time the largest in the American navy. Using lines of American clipper ships, designer steers tried to integrate the successful merchant designs with warship needs. Largely unsuccessful, the Niagara could not mount a battery commensurate with its size due to the stresses incorporated in its design. Niagara participated in the bombardment of Pensacola, and in the hunt for the CSS Stonewall.

    Commanders: Captain W.W. McKean; Captain Thomas Craven

    Painting information: Black with a white stripe

    • All set. It has been added.

  2. Ooops sorry: Sources-
    The Old Steam Navy: Frigates, Sloops and Gunboats, 1815-1885, by Thomas Canney

    Warships of the Civil War Navies by Paul Silverstone

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