Union Navy

The Union Navy is the label applied to the United States Navy (USN) during the American Civil War, to contrast it from its direct opponent, the Confederate States Navy (CSN). The term is sometimes used carelessly to include vessels of war used on the rivers of the interior while they were actually under the control of the United States Army, referred to in the same fashion as the Union Army.

The primary missions of the Union Navy were:
1. Maintain the blockade of Confederate ports by restraining all blockade runners; declared by the president on 19 April 1861 and continued until the end of the Rebellion.
2. Meet in combat the war vessels of the CSN.
3. Carry the war to places in the seceded states that were inaccessible to the Union Army, but could be reached by water.
4. Support the Army by providing both gunfire support and rapid transport and communications on the rivers of the interior.

Union Auxiliary
Union Frigates
Union Gunboats
Union Ironclads
Union Monitors
Union Mortar Schooners
Union Sloop-of-War
Union Tinclads
Union Tugs

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