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Hopefully this site will provide fellow ACW Naval Wargamers a place to go to find information on ships and boats within the Confederate and union navies during the time of the American Civil War. From size and speeds to colors and armaments I hope to provide as much information about each ship as possible.

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me about possible changes to any existing information.

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The goal here is to provide the best possible information on each ship or boat that participated in the American Civil War. To do this we need as many contributors as possible. Many ships are listed but not all of them have all the information we are looking for.

So, if you see a listing that has the wrong information or has an incomplete profile please leave a comment within the ships profile with the information and the resource in which it was found.

If we have a ship that is not listed please provide as much of the profile as possible. Below is the link to a standard profile layout. Use this to see what types of information you can provide to be listed. Leave this information within a comment for the union or confederate navy pages.

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